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Friday, May 27, 2022

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New LED lighting expands the potential use of the ENS 700 Field by 1,000 hours. New LED lighting expands the potential use of the ENS 700 Field by 1,000 hours.

ENS Field Renovation Expands Recreation Access

New turf, new lights, and enhanced landscaping are among the upgrades.
By Olivia Li

San Diego State University students saw a recreation vision come to reality with the renovation of the ENS 700 Field.

The upgrades were made possible through Associated Students and the spring 2018 referendum in which students approved a large-scale expansion and renovation of the Aztec Recreation Center and recreational field space. The ENS Field improvements include new sustainable turf technology, modern LED sports lighting and enhanced landscaping surrounding the field.

These additions promote easy drop-in recreation and space to host student programming and Aztec Recreation club and intramural sports, and support student success and well-being through increased access to recreation, fitness and sport activities.

“Recreation facilities and programs can provide students a home away from home, and are a perfect way to meet new friends who have similar interests and want to lead active, healthy lives,” Sport Club Council Executive Vice President of Finance Allison Sandoz said at the field’s dedication ceremony.

With the renovations complete, A.S. Vice President of University Affairs George Scott said he hopes that the field will be utilized as a way to improve students’ mental health.

“A student can now just come to campus and conveniently participate in recreational activities,” Scott said. “We all know how many benefits are associated with taking part in recreation, health and wellness. It’s a fact that recreation helps people’s well-being because it allows them to relieve stress, feel good and just get those endorphins going.”

The new turf provides more than 1,000 additional hours for students to use the field. It also features freshly painted lines, cooling technology and maximized shock reduction to reduce injuries. The LED sports lighting was specifically designed based on A.S.’ values of sustainability.

Scott said A.S.Director of Facilities and Sustainability Glen Brandenburg collaborated with vendors to design illumination for the field “that was not only sustainable in power, but in light pollution.”

They brighten the surrounding field area and increase safety at night, especially along Aztec Walkway, a main path for the campus community and Viejas Arena event attendees.

“In the heart of campus, we had this field that was underutilized,” said A.S. Recreation and Wellness Commission Chair Brianna Ruloma. “I think that kind of opened up everybody’s eyes (to the opportunity) and we were like, ‘What can we do with this field space?’ and encourage students to use it.”

Together with the support of SDSU President Adela de la Torre, several campus partners collaborated to successfully complete the project, including Associated Students and the Divisions of Students Affairs and Business and Financial Affairs; SDSU Planning, Design and Construction and the SDSU School of Music and Dance.

To learn more about the ENS Field, including hours and policies, visit the Associated Students Aztec Recreation website.