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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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1901 San Diego Normal School football team (Credit: SDSU Special Collections and University Archives) 1901 San Diego Normal School football team (Credit: SDSU Special Collections and University Archives)

What’s Your Aztec IQ?

Here are the answers to 360 Magazine’s SDSU trivia quiz.
By 360 Magazine

The fall 2017 issue of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University included a quiz to test readers’ knowledge of SDSU’s 120-year history. Congratulations to Frank Aronoff (’71) and Brian Luscomb (’82), who both answered 19 of the 21 questions correctly.

1. Who was the first woman to have a building at SDSU named for her, and what was her role on campus?

Alvena Storm, who joined the SDSU geography department in 1926 and taught for 40 years, earning a reputation as an expert on the geography of California and the West; NOTE: One contestant challenged our answer, noting that Scripps Cottage was named for Ellen Scripps in 1931. Although Ellen Scripps did not have a “role on campus,” we accepted this answer.

2. Which jersey number was shared by three accomplished Aztec football players?

No. 28 worn by Marshall Faulk, Willie Buchanon and Tom Pine

3. Officially, what was the millionth book added to the SDSU Library?

A 1543 first edition "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” (On the revolutions of heavenly spheres) by Copernicus

4. Which department claimed the most graduates in 2016?

The Department of Psychology

5. What did students call the move of San Diego State Teachers College from University Heights to Montezuma Mesa (then known as Mission Palisades)?

The Great Migration

6. Which internationally known educator was the keynote speaker at San Diego State Normal School’s summer session in 1915?

Maria Montessori, who developed the philosophy of early childhood education that bears her name

7. C.E. Peterson (for whom Peterson Gym was named) was legendary for coaching Aztec athletic teams. He also held an administrative position on campus. What was it?

Dean of Men

8. Where is SDSU’s off-campus observatory?

On Mount Laguna in the Cleveland National Forest

9. In 1897, San Diego Normal School opened its doors in rental accommodation atop which downtown San Diego shop?

One Cent Novelty Store

10. What campus sculpture was commissioned for SDSU’s Centennial in 1997?

100 Years, 100 Stones created by Eve Laramee

11. Which SDSU sports star was the only individual to be drafted for two major league sports on the same day?

Tony Gwynn (’81), who was drafted by both the San Diego Padres and San Diego Clippers in 1981

12. SDSU’s first doctoral candidate became a faculty member in which department?

The Department of Chemistry (The professor is Robert Metzger.)

13. Who created the Aztec News Letter, which published correspondence for and from Aztecs fighting overseas during World War II?

Lauren Post, professor of geography

14. Which alumna has clocked the most miles traveled?

Ellen Ochoa (’80), the first female Latina astronaut in space and currently director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center

15. Which department in the College of Arts and Letters was the first of its kind in the United States?

The Department of Women’s Studies, established in 1970

16. What were the original call letters of KPBS, the public television and radio affiliate of SDSU?


17. What was SDSU’s tagline before Leadership Starts Here?

Minds That Move the World

18. Which alumnus is the San Diego region’s most celebrated local historian?

Ken Kramer (‘74), host of “About San Diego,” broadcast on KPBS

19. How much (to the dollar) did the university raise during The Campaign for SDSU, which ended in June 2017?


20. In which year did San Diego State College become San Diego State University?


21. What was the original purpose of Hardy Tower?

To store and supply water for the campus