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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Keep an eye out for the Red Chair — you may be next!

Who Sat in the Red Chair?

Sitting down with the best and brightest at SDSU.
By SDSU News Team

The Red Chair continues to make its way around campus, telling the stories of the people who make San Diego State University great.

Many brilliant minds have taken a seat in the Red Chair to share their research endeavors, campus involvement and even their favorite hobbies. Here are the most recent episodes of 60 Seconds in the Red Chair:

Ranin Kazemi

Ranin Kazemi is an assitant professor of history who enjoys writing about social protests in 19th century Iran. If he were to write a novel it would be a historical novel set in the Middle East in the 19th century, focused on the lives of ordinary people. 

Joe Brigantino

Joe Brigantino is a senior majoring in religious studies. His favorite thing about being an Aztec is hearing former A.S. Executive Vice President, Leo Carrillo, say "have an aztec day." His favorite thing about coming to campus is seeing Hepner Hall. 

Hallie Jacobs

Hallie Jacobs is SDSU's New Media Editor, a current student in SDSU's communiation studies graduate program, and a double SDSU alumn. Her daily mantra is "be stoked."

Jessica Pressman

Jessica Pressman is an assistant professor in the department of english and comparative literature. She has a specilization in digital litearture, which is literature made and read on the computer. She believes that the digital age of books "enhances our understanding and appreciation of books and literature".