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Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Students in the course with the owner of VIP Pedicab. Students in the course with the owner of VIP Pedicab.

Off the Beaten Course: MGT 353

This course explores how creativity and innovation can be used in the workplace.
By SDSU News Team

Off the Beaten Course is a series that delves into SDSU's course catalog to share unique and non-traditional classes.

Course title: Creativity and Innovation.
Instructor's name: Kevin Popovic

1) What does this course provide?

This course provides students with an understanding of how creativity and innovation can be facilitated and managed in a work setting.

2) What can students expect to learn from this course?

Students learn about theoretical conceptualizations of creativity and innovation as well as practical applications involved in fostering creativity and innovation in the workplace. Students can expect to play an active role in learning through class exercises, class discussions, dialogue with guest speakers and presentations about innovation in organizations.

3) What makes this course different from similar courses?

This is real-world creativity. We work on developing the individual by creating a creative profile — document for self-reflection and for personal development. Knowing who you really are and what motivates you better prepares you for the tasks and assignments in the future.

With self-aware individuals they can build a better team. They know what they're good at, and what they are not. They can insure they have who they need to succeed.

With a series of teams that can work well together we can plan to build an organization that fosters systemic creativity. We can build a company that can not only compete in a very competitive marketplace, but can be a leader in their space.

4) Is there one day on the syllabus for this course you most look forward to? If yes, why?

The group presentation is the best day in the class for me. Each group applies what they have learned all semester to a project of their choice with a team they select. It's very exciting to see the groups that just get design thinking, the people that have developed their ability to innovate, the leaders that emerge from the chaos — it's amazing to watch students turn into entrepreneurs and innovators

5) What’s your favorite thing about teaching this course?

My favorite part of this course are the games we play. In every class we play a game of creativity, collaboration or innovation. We use games to understand who we are and how to make new connections. With Make a Better, we apply design thinking to new product development. People don't like to work, but they love to play. We play hard in this class.

6) Any other thoughts?

Creativity and innovation is not just the name of a course, it's a skill set. The learning in this course provides personal development, team building and leadership skills that can be applied to any major, to any profession.