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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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The conference is set to be an annual event put on by graduate and undergraduate students in the Philosophy Department. The conference is set to be an annual event put on by graduate and undergraduate students in the Philosophy Department.

Philosophy Weekend

The Southern California Philosophy Conference will be held Oct. 19-20 at SDSU.
By Clarissa Slagle

Do you ever wonder about life? Are you curious how people and things function in the world? These are the types of questions that philosophers ask and try to answer every day.

“Philosophy is the art of asking good questions about life and the meanings of the world. We are given extensive training in logic and ethics, which is useful with a career in any industry,” said Colten Steele, a senior undergraduate student in the San Diego State University Philosophy Department.

 Philosophy weekend

The Philosophy Department will be holding the first two-day Southern California Philosophy Conference at SDSU on Oct. 19-20.

Undergraduates, graduate students and professors from across the country are invited to attend the conference.

“This is the first time the San Diego region will hold a conference to this degree with the collaboration of the community colleges, USD and UCSD,” said Mark Wheeler, an associate professor of philosophy at SDSU.

A “call for papers” was sent to students all over the country to be submitted and  featured at the conference.

“There have been high quality papers submitted and we even have a student from Germany who has submitted their paper and will attend the conference,” said SDSU philosophy graduate student George Schick.

Some conference topics include:

  • What is beauty?
  • What is art?
  • The significance of music
  • How social media and the aesthetics of the self combine to create the self
  • Love and attachment in loving relationships
  • The problem of evil

Event details

The conference will take place over two days. The first day is a mixture of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and keynote speakers. The second day is the Weber Graduate Student Philosophy Conference which consists of only graduate students and keynote speakers. Attendees will be able to choose which seminar to attend according to their interests.

“It is important to have this conference because the community of philosophers in the city and region have never gotten together to talk about philosophy,” Wheeler said. “This is a great way for everyone to come together and talk with one another.”

Student involvement

The conference is set to be an annual event put on by graduate and undergraduate students in the Philosophy Department. 

“Allowing students the opportunity to plan the conference not only provides valuable experience, but also generates activities and learning avenues that otherwise would not have been available,” Schick said.

Steele helped produce the undergraduate portion of the conference. “I initiated the creation of this undergraduate conference and put together an excellent team of fellow students to help see it through to completion,” Steele said.

SDSU Philosophy Department

The SDSU Philosophy Department is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. They offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philosophy, an undergraduate minor in philosophy and serve more than 80 majors and graduate students.

The Philosophy Department offers courses in ancient philosophy, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, Continental philosophy and Asian philosophy.

More information

More information about the Southern California Philosophy Conference is available online.  You can also find more information about the SDSU Philosophy Department online.