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Monday, March 27, 2023

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For every SDSU blanket bought in the Bookstore, one will be donated to a local charity. For every SDSU blanket bought in the Bookstore, one will be donated to a local charity.

Sleep with a Purpose

The SDSU Bookstore partnered with a charity to provide blankets for those in need.
By Ben Eisenstein

The SDSU community has a new way to keep warm and show school spirit while helping others. With a Purpose, an organization dedicated to matching purchases of its blankets with donations to those in need, has partnered with the SDSU Bookstore.

The “Buy One, Give One” initiative means that for every With a Purpose SDSU-branded blanket sold at the bookstore or on, one blanket is given to a San Diegan struggling with homelessness or poverty.

U-T San Diego reported in April that 8,900 people live in shelters, in vehicles or on the street in San Diego County.

Many of those in need are veterans, natural disaster victims and families trying to get back on their feet in the face of devastating personal circumstances.

“Producing an SDSU blanket was at the top of our list because we knew there was a large population of homeless that we could positively impact in San Diego,” said Josh Helland, founder of With a Purpose. 

“We hope, first and foremost, that this product line can give new blankets to those in need for years and years to come. You can support your school while changing the world.”

How it works

The process is simple — first, a member of the SDSU family purchases a blanket from the Bookstore. Then, With a Purpose donates new blankets in bulk to one of several local charitable organizations.  The first blanket drops are slated for the holiday season. Those organizations then provide the blanket to someone in need.

Organizations participating include:

“Each year, we serve approximately 500 individuals living in their vehicle and give out hundreds of blankets to help keep them warm at night,” said Teresa Smith, executive director at Dreams for Change.

“Sleep with a Purpose will help ensure everyone in the Safe Parking Program this winter can stay warm in order to get a good night-sleep, allowing them to spend their days improving their situation.”

The 50” x 70” 100 percent poly fleece blankets are $40 and are available now at the bookstore and on