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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Four Presidents

A Panel of Presidents

SDSU Insider features a Q&A with the four living SDSU presidents.

Forty one years of university history coalesced on Feb. 7, when four San Diego State University presidents met to answer questions, both serious and lighthearted, for the next edition of “SDSU Insider” on KPBS.

“All of us came from outside San Diego and embraced this community—the academic community and the broader region,” noted Elliot Hirshman, president since July 2011.

His predecessor, Stephen Weber (1996-2011), who strengthened ties between SDSU and the community, underscored the president’s obligation to “extend the capacity of the university to make a difference in San Diego.”

Thomas Day, president from 1978-1996, said SDSU’s development of the teacher-scholar paradigm is among its greatest contributions to academia. “A lot of other universities benefited from our faculty’s example,” he said.

The most senior living president, Brage Golding, expressed astonishment at SDSU’s growth since his tenure from 1972-1977. Golding turned to Hirshman and quipped, “I’m glad I’m not president right now. That is your privilege.”

Watch this unprecedented event on Saturday, March 30, at 12:30 p.m., when “SDSU Insider” previews on KPBS.