Wendy Evers

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Wendy Evers
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Wendy Evers, senior director of program development for SDSU's College of Extended Studies, has been appointed chair of the Learning Resources Network (LERN) University Council, an association of lifelong learning programs.

She has worked eight years at SDSU's Extended Studies, including the first six years as director of certificate programs in which she created and managed 30 career-focused educational certificates.

These certificate programs focus on careers benefiting both the San Diego region and the international industry workforce.

Building and enhancing SDSU certificate programs

Evers creates new industry programs for careers based on industry needs. Some of the most successful career-building programs that she has forecasted and developed are professional certificate programs in tribal indian gaming, construction online, and the business of wine.
Currently, she is developing several professional certificates in green industry for a green workforce. She has developed online professional certificates in green building construction and green energy management.

About Evers

Evers has worked 20 years in the field of human resources and training and development. She has worked in the private, federal and public sectors of business using her management skills, HR training knowledge and her ability to network and partner with businesses for career development.   

Her background includes a bachelor's degree from Chapman University, a professional certificate in HR management from Chapman University and an MBA from University of California San Diego.

She is past president of the North County Personnel Association, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and on the board for Workforce Partnership. In addition, she received her Certified Program Planner (CPP) license from LERN Institute.    

About LERN   

LERN is an international association offering information and resources to educational providers of lifelong learning programs. SDSU Extended Studies has been a LERN member for over 20 years.

For more information on LERN, visit the website.

SDSUniverse green issue

This article is part of the SDSUniverse "green" special issue.


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