SDSU GreenFest Rally

At SDSU, everyday is Earth Day

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SDSU GreenFest Rally
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Sustainability is an every-day part of the university culture at San Diego State University, but SDSU is especially "Going Green" leading up to Earth Day, with students leading the way. 

Next week, SDSU Associated Students will host GreenFest, a campus-wide festival focusing on the environment, and highlighting the various sustainability projects around campus, including food composting, recycling cooking oil in the campus dining halls, the university recycling center and reducing water used for irrigation.   
The three-day festival, April 15-17, coordinated by Associated Students' Cultural Arts and Special Events board, will feature dozens of sustainability events, including a recycled art show, a tree-planting ceremony, an eco-workshop, a sustainability carnival, and culminating with a music festival for students, faculty and staff (tickets required).

"Part of SDSU's mission is to be a contributing member of the community and that means being responsible environmentally," said SDSU President Stephen L. Weber. "That the driving force behind this initiative is our students makes me especially proud.  The future of this earth and this community is dependent on their leadership and commitment to make this world a more environmentally sound place to live."

Students take charge

Last spring, SDSU students voted on a fee increase to support sustainability initiatives, creating the "Green Love" Sustainability Advisory Board.  Over the past year, the committee has led the way, implementing a variety of environmental practices across campus, from expanding the campus recycling program to installing solar panels at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center.  A major part of the advisory board is to help educate students on ways they can contribute in their daily lifestyles.

"Making students aware of what they can do to be more eco-conscious is a major goal for the university and Associated Students," said Erica Johnson, commissioner of the sustainability advisory board. "Every student should know how to do their part to preserve the environment when they graduate, and take those skills with them. This green movement will truly encourage the development of 'minds that move the world.'"

Already the advisory board has created a residence hall education program and expanded the campus recycling program by adding dozens of recycling bins around campus. Recently, the board turned its attention to water conservation and installed waterless urinals and low-flow toilets in Aztec Center, the Aztec Recreation Center and Cox Arena.

GreenFest events

GreenFest kicks off on Wednesday, April 15, with a free breakfast for students who take alternative forms of transportation to campus and the Green Awareness Fair featuring SDSU student organizations and departments presenting their sustainability accomplishments and continued efforts toward a more efficient campus environment.  Students will also have the opportunity to sign the GreenLove "Commitment to Sustainability."

On Thursday, April 16, the SDSU Children's Center will host a tree planting ceremony and launch a fundraising campaign, "Nature in Our Backyard," to support an outdoor renovation project that will further connect the children with the outdoors. Five native western sycamore trees will be planted to serve as a living memorial for SDSU's first annual GreenFest and SDSU students will help the Children's Center plant rosemary seeds.

Visit the GreenFest website for a complete list of events.

Sustainability at SDSU

The university has several on-going sustainability initiatives including those related to energy, waste reduction and transportation. SDSU's co-generation plant allows the university to co-generate most of its own energy twice as efficiently as utility energy and the university is one of only seven test sites in the nation for Sempra Energy’s solar hybrid lighting project.

Academically, SDSU offers a minor and major emphasis in sustainability and environmental studies.

SDSUniverse green issue

This article is part of the SDSUniverse "green" special issue.


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