From left: Manchester and SacramentoGrilo were ranked third and fourth

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From left: Manchester and SacramentoGrilo were ranked third and fourth "hottest" professors, respectively, by RateMyProfessors.com.
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Is it cool for a professor to be "hot?"

Corey Manchester, lecturer in statistics, and Isabelle SacramentoGrilo, lecturer in geological sciences, were recently ranked the third and fourth most attractive professors in the country, respectively, by RateMyProfessors.com, an online rating site popular among college, university and junior college students.

It was the first appearance for both in the top ten category, and they seem to be taking their dubious distinction in stride. 

'Nothing but flattered'

"In what can sometimes feel like a thankless job, it's good to know students are paying attention to something," Manchester said. "If my overall teaching evaluations weren't also good, I'd be a bit disturbed! But since they are and I truly love my job, I'm nothing but flattered."

The website recently ranked the top 10-rated universities, professors at universities, professors at junior colleges and "hottest" professors, using information gathered over the past two and a half years, with an emphasis on most recent ratings. While being recognized for their attractiveness, Manchester and SacramentoGrilo also received positive reviews from the site for their teaching.

'Enormously satisfying'

"I think that students mostly like my enthusiasm for the subjects; they like the courses, and so they like to come to class," SacramentoGrilo said. "One class that I teach is natural disasters, voted at one point the most popular class at SDSU. You can imagine how much fun it is to teach it! And especially important to me is to see that students are really into it. It's enormously satisfying!"  

Each year RateMyProfessors.com's annual rankings capture the highest-rated college professors and faculties on the site, where students rate professors on easiness, clarity, helpfulness and overall quality, as well as "hotness."

Last year, Melinda McClure, special education professor in SDSU's College of Education, ranked 22 on the list of highest-rated professors overall, and Paul E. Gilbert, psychology professor, ranked 31.

About the rankings

RateMyProfessors.com uses a five-point Likert scale, as well as a binary scoring system, for student-generated professor ratings.

For each of the professor lists, each individual rating value was first standardized around its mean and a weighted score was created using standardized scores from the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 to date.

Using the weighted score, professors were ranked from high to low. Only professors with 10 ratings or more were included to provide statistical significance. All professors were verified as actively teaching in the current semester by each school at the time the lists were compiled.

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