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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Martin Sereno
‘Little Brain’ or Cerebellum Not So Little After All
Story Image
Hot or Cold, Venomous Rattlesnakes Still Quick to Strike
An orb weaver spider.
Spiders, Doomed Flies and Tougher Textiles — Just Add Water
Study finds connection between income, education and happiness.
New Study on Income and Happiness Finds Growing Divide
Ecosystem ecologist and post-doctoral fellow Kyle Arndt checking on the measurement equipment set up by SDSU in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska.
In the Arctic, Spring Snowmelt Triggers Fresh CO2 Production
Eugene Olevsky is dean of the College of Engineering and a leading expert in sintering technology. Video: Padma Nagappan
Eugene Olevsky: Engineering Higher Aspirations
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Diets Higher In Acidic Foods Hurt Cancer Survivors, Especially Past Smokers
SDSU Heart Institute researchers discovered how a key protein, MANF, can reduce damage from a heart attack by regulating misfolded proteins in the heart.
Reducing the Damage of a Heart Attack
Daniel Reinholz demonstrates an app he developed to evaluate classroom equity to his students Amelia Stone and Antonio Martinez.
Classroom Equity App Gets NSF Grant
Maricruz Carillo, a doctoral student in engineering, receiving an award for her research on novel bone replacement techniques from Vice President of Research and Dean of Graduate Affairs Stephen Welter, at the SDSU Student Research Symposium.
Inquiring Minds: Student Researchers Shine at CSU Competition
SDSU ecologists founds that overfishing hurts corals, by allowing algae to crowd out corals and altering the microbiome much like gut bacteria alter human health. Photo: Ty Roach for SDSU
Corals Face Threat from Tiny Enemy
SDSU researchers found that thirdhand smoke, which is toxic residue, lingers on surfaces years after smokers have quit smoking or moved from a home.
You Don’t Smoke - But Your Home Could Have Thirdhand Smoke Residue