Michelle Porter
Michelle Porter
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Hometown: Fresno

Field of study: nursing

What epitomizes your SDSU experience?

For me, SDSU is EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). Before my freshman year, I attended Summer Bridge and made so many friends that I felt like I was at home on campus even before classes began. (Editor’s Note: The Summer Bridge program is five weeks of intensive academic preparation to develop new students’ writing, math and study skills.) The next summer, I was a peer counselor for Summer Bridge and this year, I worked behind the scenes, preparing students for the program and organizing events.

Have you joined any groups or clubs on campus?

No, but the African American community at SDSU has become like my family. Getting to know these students erased the stereotypes I had. They urged me to research and value Africa’s history and helped me develop a sense of both my black and my white self.

Why did you decide to study nursing?

My dad got cancer when I was 13. I would go to the hospital with him and the nurses inspired me. They were so patient and caring. I saw that nurses help people deal not only with physical illness, but also with death and bereavement. As a nurse, I never want to judge or assume I know what people are going through.

Who on campus do you admire most?

That’s easy. It’s Beth Crawford, my EOP counselor. She goes above and beyond for her students. I was originally assigned another counselor, but my dad requested Beth after he met her at an orientation session. When I have questions, she has the answers.

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